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Star Names Their Lore and Their Meaning (Dover Books on Astronomy) (Paperback) by Richard Hinckley Allen

The Starlore Handbook: An Essential Guide to the Night Sky (Paperback)
by Geoffrey Cornelius "For the ancients the contemplation of the heavens was the noblest of all sciences..."

How to Hold a Crocodile: Plus Hundreds of Other Practical Tips, Fascinating Facts and Wicked Wisdom (Hardcover)
by Diagram Group "An irritable or aggressive hamster can give quite a nip so treat it with respect, and wash the smell of food off your fingers before

Every Creeping Thing : True Tales of Faintly Repulsive Wildlife (Hardcover)
by Richard Conniff, Sally J. Bensusen (Illustrator)

The Care And Feeding of Dragons: An Illustrated Guide to Alternative Pet Maintenance, Book One (Paperback)
by Shawn MacKenzie, Jerry Minor (Illustrator)

By Its Cover: Modern American Book Cover Design (Paperback)
by Ned Drew, Paul Sternberger "

Front Cover : Great Book Jacket and Cover Design (Hardcover)
by Alan Powers

Perils of the Night: A Feminist Study of Nineteenth-Century Gothic (Hardcover)
by Eugenia C. Delamotte

Prince of Ill Luck (Warhorse of Esdragon, Book 1) (Paperback)
by Susan Dexter

The Innkeeper's Song (Paperback)
by Peter S. Beagle

Condensed Knowledge: A Deliciously Irreverent Guide to Feeling Smart Again (Paperback)
by Will Pearson (Editor), Mangesh Hattikudur (Editor), Elizabeth Hunt (Editor)

Crown Duel (Firebird) (Paperback)
by Sherwood Smith "THE BROKEN SHUTTER IN THE WINDOW CREAKED A warning..." (more)
SIPs: riding leaders, door tapestry

Lady in Gil (Gil trilogy, Book 1) (Paperback)
by Rebecca Bradley

Little, Big (Fantasy Masterworks) (Paperback)
by John Crowley

Viva la Repartee : Clever Comebacks and Witty Retorts from History's Great Wits and Wordsmiths (Hardcover)
by Mardy Grothe

Sorcery and Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot: Being the Correspondence of Two Young Ladies of Quality Regarding Various Magical Scandals in London and the Country (Hardcover)
by Caroline Stevermer, Patricia C. Wrede

The Deluxe Transitive Vampire : A Handbook of Grammar for the Innocent, the Eager and the Doomed (Hardcover)
by Karen Elizabeth Gordon

The Footnote : A Curious History (Paperback)
by Anthony Grafton

Marginalia: Readers Writing in Books (Paperback)
by H. J. Jackson, H.J. Jackson

The Tough Guide to Fantasyland (Daw Fantasy Anthology) (Paperback)
by Diana Wynne Jones

Thomas the Rhymer (Paperback)
by Ellen Kushner

Tales from the Perilous Realm (Paperback)
by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Care & Feeding Of Pirates (Mass Market Paperback)
by Jennifer Ashley

Anything by Keats, Browning!, Yeats, etc.


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