Sep. 17th, 2005

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Sometimes I think that my yarn weaves itself into complicated knots simply to give me the joy of unraveling it.
(I really do enjoy it, actually. When you think about it, the whole process has all the elements of a good story! Rising action! Climax! Happy Ending! It’s just like sex! But not so messy...
Ahem. Not really.)
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Someday I'd like to have a garden full of interesting plants, trees, and benches to read in next to patches of herbs and veggies... Little glass hanging candleholders for a cozy warm effect in the evenings.

I'd also like to have a very classical looking stone statue along the lines of naked Roman sculptures/overdone lawn statues. It would be in an unobtrusive little spot, nearly hidden so that people wouldn't think much of it if they saw it out of the corner of their eyes. Except that it would feature a very mischevious-looking couple looking non-explicitly suggestive and naughty.

Wouldn't it be great to see the reactions it would prompt?

I'm also thinking crazy/whimsical statues elsewhere, all placed in ways that people would gloss over, just assuming that they would fit with the general air of the garden and wouldn't pay much attention until realization struck.

I would be amused.
(Except that I really haven't described it well at all...)


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